A Skeletons Betrayal

June 16, 2009
By jordan20 BRONZE, Hanford, California
jordan20 BRONZE, Hanford, California
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They wait in silence
They wait in darkness
Awaiting to be discovered
Waiting for their chance
To let hell seep from their evil mouths
Rotting away
Keeping their secrets within their old, decrepit bones
Bursting with excitment at every glimmer of light
Until the day they are discovered they remain
Awaiting their chance
Awaiting their vengance for keeping them in exile all these years
Their bones begin to rattle
Their mouths let loose
Here comes you secrets
Here comes the truth
What you've worked so hard to hide from the world
Is no longer a secret
People look at you with disgust and pitty in their eyes
You catch their glances and slowly your soul withers and dies
You go home beaten and damned
You wallow in your self loathing
Sadness shows in your face but anger is brooding in your eyes
Your secrets are the death of you
Betrayed by your own skeletons

The author's comments:
Every one has a secret that is hanging out of sight and constantly on there mind.

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