The Little Sights Around Us

June 16, 2009
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Little children, little children, do run along to me
Come quickly, come quickly and ye shall come to see
Small boys, small girls, look up, look down
Do look all around
Scrutinize that sturdy tree
Now tell me what all ye see

Doth ye see those beautiful flowers
Blooming so splendidly at such late hours
Cannot ye gaze at those bumble bees
Buzzing so blithely in the light breeze
Does not ye wish to sit here for hours
Oh does not ye long for those April showers

Children, oh children, look away from that tree
Children, oh children, doth now gape at me
Was I speaking falsehoods of the divine scene
Oh, does ye not hear, does ye not hear that enthralling keen
Oh look, oh look, oh look at those three
Those birds in that cage just wish they were free

Children, oh children, if only ye knew
What beauty, what beauty, is waiting for you
Run, run along now, and resume your fun
'Cause for now, for now, my job is done
Little things, little things, if you only knew
What beauty, such beauty, is waiting for you

5/28/2009, 7:39 PM

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