Silly Cupid

June 16, 2009
By Tugba Rona BRONZE, Istanbul, Other
Tugba Rona BRONZE, Istanbul, Other
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the fragrance of honeysuckle
flooding my pores
catapulting me back
fluid gold and you and me.
dew rising; phosphoresce dancing;
leave me alone.
trudging through a continuum,
the watch glass is exhausted
and my coffee’s run out.
fragments compose a whole
my skin ---
caustic melting flakes
the way you make me feel.
disoriented and lost
in the middle of the oceanic
alone, alone, always lonely.
on a searing summer’s day
quite a strange sensation when
my insides chafe.
awkward entanglement and
bizarre words;
you can talk the talk.
etched into my face
heart wrenching faith;
you taught me well.

dainty little rosebuds-
they wilt and shrivel and then they die-
so maybe it’s no surprise that
my love,
we are Tar.

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