June 16, 2009
By Cute.Yet.Strange.<3 BRONZE, Corcoran, California
Cute.Yet.Strange.<3 BRONZE, Corcoran, California
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As I lie in bed,
As doubtful thoughts fill my head,
I lose track of time.
Just waiting for Sleep to come and take me away to a land of unforgiving dreams.
But Sleep never came.

I wait and wait.
I think and think of the thoughts that I usually avoid, hoping that they will eventually bring me to a heavy slumber.
But they never did.

I roll over in frustration
And suddenly see sweet and gentle light entering my room unexpectedly.

Did I fall asleep?
Is this a dream?
I get up and let more light come in through my window.
Morning. Early morning.

This is new to me.
I'm used to waking up to the stillness of noon.
This new time of day seems unreal,
But it is a beautiful sight.

I sit. And I stare.
I see the sky begin to slowly lighten.
The sheer, purple clouds airbrushed over the subtle blue background.

I crack my window open to hear the haunting sounds of the new day.
The birds.
They're not exactly singing,
But simply making themselves known.

And the breeze.
I can see it tickling the trees,
And I can hear it whispering through the window,
But I can't feel it.

Maybe I'll step outside and feel the sweet morning air,
But for now I sit and stare in awe and wonder at the breath taking sight of the innocent morning.

I am truly grateful that Sleep did not cast her spell on me last night.
Otherwise I would've been stuck in an ordinary dreamland,
Instead of witnessing the beautiful truth of reality.

The author's comments:
good morning. lol
i wrote this at about 5:30 am this morning. evrything in this poem is true. i usually go to sleep at 3 during the summer and wake up at 12. lol so it is different. im obviously still awake and havent slept at all yet. bt im not at all tired. im prbly gna crash nd burn later.hehe
i hope u enjoy this.! <3

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