Break down

June 16, 2009
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Lying on the floor
blood dripping from my face
no knowing what to do
how'd i end up in this place?
feeling slightly groggy
my eye swelling shut
tasting pennys in my mouth
my lip must be cut.
Trying to get up
falling to the ground
puking uncontrollably
hearing my heart pound.
Even though i know
what its going to do
i reach for the needle
i'm not quiet through.
You walk into the room
wait for me to get done
i see the anger in your eyes
theres no were to run
go ahead and hit me
i cant feel a thing
Come on Mr.tough guy
go ahead and swing
my face is pouring fluid
i know that i need help
my buzz is kicking in full force
i can not even yelp
When your finally finished
you leave me on the floor
you watch you step right over me
and walk out our front door.
Lying on the ground
thinking of my past
wishing i could go back
time flew by so fast
i miss you mom and dad
and i know your hearts are sore
i love you so much
but i loved the needle more

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