June 15, 2009
By 400metergirl BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
400metergirl BRONZE, Jackson, Michigan
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laying out under the clouds
the warmth of the sun beating down
wind blowing through her hair.
this is what life should be

he walks back into her life
as if things never changed
he was the same sweet guy she loved once
but not for long
til he showed his true colors

he drinks and smokes
hits her like shes a rag doll
one day she had enough
and walked away
never to look back

she promises herself
she would never go back
but she goes right back
knowning things havent changed

he beats her over
over again..
this time clinging to her life
laying in that emergency room
and hes no where to be seen

soon enough shes stronger than ever
but never lets her guard down
she goes on living
for her life is to short to let one bump
take it all away

she lays out in the field
under the clouds
warm sun beating down on her skin
her hair blowing in the wind
this is the way life should be

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