Along Came A Golfer

June 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Along came a golfer.
He was slightly older and wiser.
He was my partner in class,
and a simple conversation was never started.

He was quiet and intelligent.
He wasn't like the rest.
It turned out, He was a golfer.

I never thought I would become his friend, much less the center of his life.
Months passed, and somehow our leagues mixed and we became inseparable.
I was preoccupied with someone else and never paid much attention to the signals he was sending.

My heart was broken and he was the one to send a message my way during his golf tournament.
He made time and cared for me.
I had never thought this would be,
the way it came about.

Along came a golfer,
and showed me the sun.
He came and spoke wonders and never proved wrong.
He gave me his heart and that one boy that had broken mine was long in the past.
Along came a golfer, and
by his side is where i belong.

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