Invincible goodbyes

June 15, 2009
By Simply_Swenson BRONZE, Felton, Delaware
Simply_Swenson BRONZE, Felton, Delaware
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Two lies of yours you told me
Proved wrong with one mistake
Statements gone awry
Promises made to break

We both knew what could happen
And we both had different views
You said it was the best escape
And if I tried to argue I would lose

Drugs don’t make you stronger
Booze can’t free you of pain.
Of course you knew all of this
And you didn't bother to refrain

I’m not sure how it started
I really don’t even care
You went against your better judgment
And left us all to suffer in despair

You had such potential
It all ended in one night
You were laughing and joking loudly
Promising me it would be alright

I got angry at your willingness to leave me
The high made you think you were so clever
You pulled me close and kissed me goodnight
Whispering goodbyes can’t last forever

The cars were going just a little too fast
I begged you “just slow down alright?”
You flashed that famous smile
And said “we’re invincible tonight”

I can’t keep denying
The adrenaline of speed wasn’t cool
But it definitely wasn’t worth
A lifetime without you

The smell of burning rubber
Glass shattering all around
Metal bending in ways that seem unreal
Into shadows on the ground

You laid your hand within my own
And I could feel your grimace of pain
Your apology was lost with sirens
And the colors faded away

The doctors said no visits
In the hospital bed I must stay
The time ticked by so slowly
It seemed like years for just one day

They finally let me see you
Tears quickly filled my eyes
You attempted to smile weakly
And whispered your goodbyes

The I love you came out broken
The sorry slid out weak
You asked me for forgiveness
And fell into a final sleep

Losing you taught me two things
Things learned too late in our endeavor
No one is invincible
And goodbyes can last forever

The author's comments:
It kills me when I see the people I love get high. Invincible. That’s what they all think they are. But they are wrong. No one is invincible. And one day, they'll learn that the hard way. This is where this poem came from. I hope one of you see this, and understand what will happen. I love you, but I can't continue to watch you ruin your life. Its me or the high. Take your pick.

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