June 15, 2009
By Anonymous

Gave her the sun and the moon
when the day was so young
took it slow, so slow
I started getting rhythm
too early for one to know
but hours passed
grains in the hourglass
proved to me
this girl was was worth it

took her to the bridge
before noon
we sped up the pace
though we shook foundation when we crossed
a straight path
we don't feel lost
as we get there
we look over the heights and laugh
our day just started
we give each other warmth
with the light of morning we reflect

it's after noon
we made it very far

across the bridge

onto a mountain

down a river

we feel strange
we discovered many things
doubt creeps in our shadows

as we travel back
we make it back across the land
by late evening we can see our doors
we feel estranged
painfully realized
what I don't want to give up

As night falls
at home I pray
and ask God
"why was today like yesterday?"

The author's comments:
Inspired by my time as a mariachi, the words to a bolero I wrote.

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