Angel Boy

June 15, 2009
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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The sky, purple, so dark
I can feel his shadow surrounding me
Dreams about him...
Angel boy
Endlessly, night after night I dream of his face
Though…I don’t know who he is
Curious… what do these dreams mean?
Wondering…what do these dreams make us?
Questioning… why him?
I don’t understand
Thoughts racing through my mind
In, and out, they shoot around
Black hair…
Brown skin…
Perfect body…
Brown eyes…
But what is it that makes him so special?
What is it that makes me want to sleep…forever?
What is it that makes me feel comforting…
When his shadows, imaginably reflect on the wall
Out of my thoughts…these dreams
I can feel his body heat
Taste his breath in the air
Smell his distinctive essence….so sweet
Without wanting…quickly it seemed
My ambiance began to change…
The light began to soar through the curtains…
My eye lids, no more filled with images of…him
Birds begin to chirp
The smell of dew begins to fill my nose even through the window
Its still very strong….
His sweet incense fading away…
Sleepless nights, every one filled with him
Though I do not know him
Not even his dear name
I can not appear to erase his aura from my atmosphere
What could this mean?
What are we?
My heart pounding…
My eye lids open to my bright room
Here is the start… the start of the wait for night fall again
Just to see his face, feel him around me
I don’t know what he is…be he must be an angel
Because the way he makes me feel
There’s no word to explain it…
My angel boy…such a mystery

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