Loosing us

June 15, 2009
By misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
misstayv PLATINUM, St. Louis, Missouri
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Loosing you…
AS you wrap your arms around me
Looking in your dreary eyes
I see it
Loosing you…
As our on going conversation drags on
Your focus, completely on something else…someone else
Not behind me, maybe not even in this room
But she’s there…in your mind
Loosing you…
It hurts, you know
Seeing it especially when we are together
Holding each other even…
AS you grip gets looser
My heart gets tighter…trying not to fall too loose
Trying not to reopen the brokenness…
Trying not to let the cracks show
Loosing you…
Our kisses become shorter
Invisibly less often
But what I wonder through the restless nights
Is that, “Do you notice?”
My pillow, for now, almost dry
My usual tears have yet to come
To come pouring out all over
Loosing you..
I ask him if he is ok
His simple reply, “ I’m fine”
So through the night I decide to take an introspection of myself
Am I paranoid?
Why am I feeling this way?
Similar questions, I ask
And yet It comes down to the same results
Going through the weeks, loosing him
Feeling completely hopeless
I don’t have the will to fight
I don’t have the courage to just ask
Loosing myself in him
Fading away in this timeless world
I’m weak
Please I beg, someone save me from this dreadful misery

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