Walk Away

June 15, 2009
By SavingShyan BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
SavingShyan BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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I can see through what
you’re wanting me to see ,
through the fakely lit halo
and past your broken wings.
You easily came into my life
by telling me things I wanted to hear ,
even though they tell me to stay away
I can’t help but to stay near.
You found your way deep into my heart
and easily became my addiction ,
but there were so many bad rumors
and yet I paid them no attention.
Now I’m starting to see the real thing
instead of believing the synthetic you ,
because you’re lying straight to my face
about things that I know are true.
Whenever I confront you about it
you act all sweet and innocent ,
you make up this big, long story
when I know it’s completely different.
After all the things you have done to me
I should want to just walk away ,
but no matter how much damage you cause
in your arms is where I want to stay.
I still yearn to feel your touch
and to be taken in by your embrace ,
because whenever I’m around you
my heartbeat starts to race.
I still know who you really are
and I can see past all your lies ,
but by your very presence
I seem to become hypnotized.
So in your gaze I’m locked
and can’t seem to get free,
unfortunately I belong to you
you’ve taken over all of me.

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