June 15, 2009
By SavingShyan BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
SavingShyan BRONZE, Palm Bay, Florida
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Don’t ever think you’re lonely
because I will always be right here,
I’ve always got your back
and I swear that I will never disappear.
When your breaking down inside
when nothing feels alright,
I will be there to comfort you
from the morning until the night.
When the tears feel like they wont end
and the darkness wont go away,
I will always be close by
to help you find your way.
I will be right here to fight for you
put my life on the line for you,
I will always be by your side
no matter what you do.
Whenever you want to scream to the world
I’ll still be right there,
I will always help you the best I can
I will be the one to always care.
Forever I will always be
a part of me and you,
we’ve always stuck together
no matter what crazy things we get into.
So whenever your sitting there alone
and wished that you had a friend,
try to always remember
that I am here until the end.

The author's comments:
Dedicated to Cierra(:

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