Our Walks (Just an Onlooker)

June 14, 2009
By Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
Mia_Stinetuck PLATINUM, Covina, California
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"I use to get high on life, til I found it was cut with morons"

Stars that shine like jewels
In the black diamond skies
Seem to twinkle and to mock
With bright technicolored hughs
Grief, I dream of naught but lies

You’re not my glorious topaz sun
Come to pull me away from my self taught retreat
You’re worth more than that to me
You know what it’s like to be tired and done
You know first hand of life’s realities
But still, you show honest smiles
Oh how we could walk for miles
On just our will to move
And to never stand still

Pure white, curled
And splashed in deep coral
This rose from your hand
Brimming with gentle might
Sweet tendencies
Marked and stained

But it is promised to another
I am just the onlooker

I never felt the waves rock
So high and so low
Until you agreed to walk
And to never take my hand in your own

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