My Prison

June 14, 2009
By Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
Jacky PLATINUM, Redmond, Oregon
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Zombie eyes lost in reflections
Under water berried deep
In this day dream state
Need to be awakened
From this nightmare
Trapped inside this room of mirrors
To mock your every flaw
As all time is lost

Meaningless movements repeated
It’s never enough
Need to keep moving
To stay alive
The warden is out to bite

Older brighter star
Out shines my every step
And defeats my quiet glimmer
Every bend of the knee
Every point of the foot
Is lifting a thousand pounds
Unwilling body and mind
Dragging me down

Hard to stay on time
Hard to even stay alive
Disappointed judging eyes
Scout the angle of my head
The curve of my fingers
And take mental note
Of every mistake

This is my prison
Time stretches for eternity
As I am built to robot standards
Topping off ten years
A decade of pushing
Pushing my will
My own self control

Breathing down my neck
French words like serpents
Spat out to break you down
Anticipating the next dose of poison
Begging it doesn’t strike to lethal amounts

What is in front of these eyes?
What keeps my focus from my grasp?
Can’t retrieve my mind
Lost in worlds outside this room
Lungs still working in and out
Heart still pumping blood throughout
But I feel so dead
Through my eyes you see
An empty corpse
Heart and soul vacated
My hollow wandering body
This is my prison
And this is surely where I’ll perish

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