June 14, 2009
By Nathalie Nader BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
Nathalie Nader BRONZE, Bradford, Massachusetts
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I was three and he was five
Cruising around, feeling alive
The sun was beating down hard
Like an image from a Hallmark card
Stunner shades sat upon our faces
Takes me back to the happiest of places
Being the first, he longed for another
Then I came along and had a brother
Bug me, he would
He’d kill me if he could
But all out of love, if you only knew
Then, the time passed and we both grew
He went from power rangers to a set of wheels
Then, the joys that graduation reveals
Now, off to college, while I stay here
In a blink of an eye, yet another lost year
The past we will not forget
The present we will not regret
Our futures near, the both of us alike
Oh how I’d love to return to the day on the bike

The author's comments:
This is an ekphrastic poem based on a picture of me and my older brother when we were younger on our bicycles. He is now going college.

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