Fighting the tears

June 15, 2009
By randomchic BRONZE, Mount Holly, North Carolina
randomchic BRONZE, Mount Holly, North Carolina
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every tear i cry was for you
You was my life,my air to breath
i stayed up at night i cryfor the pain that you caused me...
every hit,cut that u put on me that why i cried at night and never get to sleep..
I dont know what to say anymore
everytime we see each other it just take a blow to my heart and its tearing it to nothing
I want to have a perfect life and one day just walk down the isle with some handspme man and me in a white dress and be ready to say "i do"
But is that ever going to happen?
am just setting here thinking "did you ever love me" ,and is it there a me and you in the furture i hope not!
i know i dont and never want to be in you arms ever again although i was loved at times but now my strong towers are gone and happy with that..
but i have question "what am i going to do now with my life"

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