Faith (or Perspective) MAG

By Anna X., Knoxville, TN

Look around, they said
Your idealism is petty, is dumb
You are blind to that which is real
Children are dying, crying; goodness
Bought and sold and defiled
In the blink, wink of an eye
Look around you, they said
And grow up; there is no reason
To believe in something, anything
Look around you, I said
Your cynicism is typical, true,
And justified, I'm sure, but
It blinds you to that which is real
Children are laughing, dancing, goodness
Still manifests itself through joy
That no blink, wink can compromise
They said faith is blind because
It's believing without seeing, but
Maybe I do see, do believe, do put
My trust into not understanding

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i love this so much!


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