Once Upon a time I was Daddy's girl

June 16, 2009
By RoseChild23 SILVER, Iola, Kansas
RoseChild23 SILVER, Iola, Kansas
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One upon a time I was daddy’s girl
I was young, everything seemed pure

Once upon a time he was the only
He held my hand, he held me high

I felt like a princess his little queen
But then my world was torn at the seams

Daddy made choices, none were the best
Suddenly daddy couldn’t be with us

Taken away by flashing lights
I lost my daddy into the night

I remember how he said never again
He’d be home soon and that’d be the end

I believed these words, well I was young
And of course he came home again

I hugged him tight believed the lies
And then my daddy looked into my eyes

What he saw there I will never know
But it wasn’t enough to keep him home

Daddy made promises he couldn’t keep
I wonder if he cared about a six year olds weep

I wonder how he felt missing my prom
Did he care or had it been too long?

Crying myself to sleep for days
Even now I can’t avoid this pain

I love you daddy but because of you I’ve lost faith
I don’t trust broken promises and lies are more than I can take

The author's comments:
I've never known my real father and the man I considered my dad was in and out of prison. My mom and him divorced when I was six and I never see him. This is for him and all the pain he put me and my sisters through.

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