Untitled MAG

By David S., Bethesda, MD

Bedazzled, I stood there
Watching myself in the reflection
Of the Haiku Pool
I did not move but
My reflection did
I watched it swim through the pool
The pool of words
Until it reached the far side
And clambered out, only to find
That it was still a majestic version of me
Still wavy from the ripples
Of the orange maple leaf that fell
Into the Haiku Pool
When it wasn't looking
My reflection opened its liquid mouth
To say something unintelligible
Only to find out that it did not even have a voice
It was startled enough to fall
Back into the pool of words
That created this animated
Reflection of mine
This crystalline creature
This electric fraction of my being
This surreal synopsis
This aquatic yet atmospheric Atropos
Of me.

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i love this so much!


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