Come and Go

June 18, 2009
By Anonymous

I am a sad and caring personI winder why they come and go...I hear the wind wisper to the one that come and go...I see the ones that come and go ...There face full of pain who are they...I am a sad caring person...I pertend my heart will hold all the pain I behold...I feel the pain that they behold...I worry every day and night my heart will spill all my pain...So now I cry for there pain is to much to bare but I cant just watch them...I understand I will die slowly and die with all the painI say I dont not hurt when I truly do...I dream they will be free of the pain they behold...I try to see the happieness upon there faces befor the come and go...I hope they will be free...and I wish something would look behinde my mask and ask to take the pain away

The author's comments:
It came to me when my friedns would come for help and Leave with smiles but leave me with trears and never noticed

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