June 16, 2009
By Heather Cook BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Heather Cook BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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jealous of they that sleep through the night
i lie here, awakened not by dreams, nor by fright..
but here i lay restless throughout many hours of the night
words that are racing through my head,..never sleep
the host, my, find hard to keep
though when I close them, soft and slow..
my mind goes crazy and answers, "No!"
clever lines made of words,..memories of the past
these things must end, how long can they last?
til the dark of the night is broken by the morning sun?..please dont let it be.
i'm fighting with my ignorant mind, begging to be free
free from sleeplessness and free from pain
the kind of pain that keeps you up when you should be down- it keeps you down when you're searching for something to bring you up..
overpopulated by the smallest things..if only this was a dream,
if only the madness running through my mind was occurring when i was asleep..comfortable and refined.
but no, this isn't the case..its quite obvious by the tired look on my face that i am bowing down to the keeper of knowledge..

who knows, maybe one night i just might win.

Tuesday June 16th, 2009.. 4:25 a.m..

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