Where the True Prize Lies

June 15, 2009
By Rikki Hula BRONZE, Kirtland, Ohio
Rikki Hula BRONZE, Kirtland, Ohio
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have come to find,
That this place is not right in my mind.
It makes me feels so sad and alone.
I can’t believe so many call this place home.

The truth is this cold place,
Does not just affect me, but the whole human race.
We all live in a cruel, cold world.
Into a downward spiral we have swirled.

But this we could over come,
If only we weren’t so dumb.
We worry about such petty things,
And we search for happiness in things like gold and diamond rings.

If only we could realize,
Where the true prize lies.
It is not of material possessions.
We really need to give up these silly obsessions.

Slightly confused you ask “So where is this true prize?”
I simply respond “It’s right in front of your eyes?”
Confused you look around
You say it is nowhere to be found.

Unlike diamonds and gold,
The true prize is not something you can physically hold.
It’s the things like family and friends.
The people who’d go with you to the Earth’s ends.

The true prize is something you can feel.
Though it is not something that you could steal.
It is something that is emotionally driven
It can’t be taken, but rather freely given.

They are the great gifts given from above.
Like the ability to have friendships and the ability to love.
These are the important things, the things that truly matter.
You should hold them dear, for they are delicate and if you’re not careful they may shatter.

The author's comments:
i wrote this poem after i got into a fight with a friend. i wrote this poem to express how i felt and hopefully to rimind people of the things that truely matter like friends, family, love, kindness, and stuff like that. i think it is important to hang on to those things while we can. i mean we are only here for a short while.

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