The Real Reason

December 23, 2008
By Arthur Carlson, Tulsa, OK

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the halls
There was screaming and shouting, and packed, were the malls

There were children laughing, and others crying
The last iPod was taken, and so there was whining

Everywhere, and all the time, people were swearing
One took the scarf, a mannequin was wearing.

I looked around, it was scary to see
The material things, from the clothes to the tree.

Could this be how far the world is gone?
Would it be like this, on that cold Christmas dawn?

I sure hope not, and I'll pray to God
This false attitude, is nothing more than a fraud.

This isn't christmas, just a commercial for stuff.
No matter how many gifts, it just isn't enough.

The countless shouts of "hey give it back, its mine"
The truth behind Christmas, would be hard to find.

I remember the years, where I complained and ranted
I've come to realize what I had taken for granted.

The real meaning of Christmas, the truth of it all.
Is deeper than clothing, or a trip to the mall.

We celebrate, as a thanks to the Lord
For giving a savior, and the Bible, The Sword

We read through the scriptures, say them aloud
Its the birth of our savior, and we should be proud

Not because of a gift from our aunt.
The gift from above, compare? you just can't

I've come to remember the truth this year.
He is the reason for the season, and for all of the cheer.

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