December 19, 2008
You follow her like your stalking,
like you dont even care.
But you stare,
at her.
And you glare,
at me.
I'm tired of your s**t,
and your about to get hit.
And I dont even care,
its whatever,
its not gonna take her forever,
to discover your true intentions.
Thats my second contention,
and heres my third.
Like a bird,
your not seen but heard
Insulting like a compulsive,
cause your too repulsive,
for anyone to truly care,
but I've been there,
Hell, I've been everywhere.
And its been instilled in me,
to treat others how you want to be,
and your about to get hit,
cause you keep giving s**t.
And what goes around comes around.

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