you dont care

December 9, 2008
By Anonymous

i come in from school and tell you i got a good grade from science and tell o thats good and i ask are we going out and whst do you say get out im trying to watch my court ok i say i come home the next day and see you in the kitchen and give you a big hug and you dont say anything but get off of me i tell you this is the first time i got good grades and wgat do you say ok ive already seen them so get out of my face every day you send me to beed at 10:00 you stay up with guys knowing you have to got to but i dont say a wordi wish there was some way to make you understand how i feel or let you in to my body yeah its true you really dont care you dont if i bring guys over all you know is im havinjg a sleep over its not true im testing you to see if you are going to say something or not you dont so i sit in my room crying myself to sleep and you still dont listen you dont care and if you did i wouldnt be on this computer crying my eyes out yeah im going to tell you straight up do you care then step up and be a momm really YOU DONT CARE YOU DONT CARE YOU DONT CARE YOU DONT CARE YEAH IM GOING TO MY ROOOMS WHILE CRYING UNTILL MY HEART STOPS AND I EASILY FALL ASLEEP

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