A Paper Doll

December 8, 2008
By Anonymous


A paper doll with
A heart so weak.
Doesnt think of the past
And the futures bleak.

Is slowly thining out;
Wasting away.
Shrinking into nothing
Day - by - day

eating is not something
that she does
eating marks her former
self, who she was.

Sitting in her room
with no mirror or sharp edges-
windows are locked
and devoid of ledges.

Always being watched
by people dressed in white,
who smile and pretend
everything is alright.

represented by notes
and graphs and charts,
and long reports with
many different parts.

they are trying to fix
her because she is sick.
hoping something in her
brain just may click.

But she’s dying inside;
numb to the core.
not looking to go on-
there is no more.

food is evil and her
mind’s hell-bent.
they figure its hopeless
away she is sent.

not only is she disappearing
in a physical way,
but her thoughts are
still and her mind is blank.

People are crying,
but she turns them off
with no tears, no smile,
so sadness, no scoff.

And look, the fragile
heart beats slower still.
she saddens her family
going quickly downhill.


A pathatic young girl
lies upon sheets of white.
The room is rather empty
with one small light.

There are monitors and needles
and one nurse with a frown.
looking down at the girl,
in her hospital gown.

She’s so very tiny,
just barely there.
Sharp protruding bones
and an empty stare.

Her eyes start closing.
Its been a very hard fight.
Battling over what?
She knows not, but it was right.

The beeping slows down,
the nurse looks away,
it is the last moment,
her final day.

The doctor comes in and
pulls the sheet over top
of the girl of bones
nobody could stop.


A casket shut,
a single rose.
Scared to look in,
leave it closed.

A funeral for
a paper doll.
Who had now
finished it all.

an older man
comes to the stand.
talks of heaven
and things so grand.

Some cry while
others wonder,
how one could die
from such a blunder.

they lower her down.
she comes to rest.
today marks the end
of her desperate quest.

And carved in stone it reads:

Here lies a girl of just seventeen,

Had an abundance, but took nothing,

Never forget; Always miss her dearly

A Paper Doll, may she rest peacefully.

The author's comments:
I know how touchy of a subject this is and i certainly don't want to upset anybody.
But i know a few people close to myself and my family that have faced an ED- It is a terrible, serious problem- And I have faced it myself.. I was diagnosed with EDNOS because i fit criteria for both bulimia and anorexia. I lost about 40 pounds and was physically in danger. I still struggle greatly with parts of the illness, but have been getting help.

I do hope you read this in the right way and if I do offend any, i really do sincerely apologize.
Thank you for reading-

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