Little JoyAnna Reece

December 8, 2008
By Lesli Schilperoort, Sunnyside, WA

The day was young,
as was the girl.
Her smile was bright,
she had beautiful curls.

I never would have known
the sadness she faced,
if i hadn't choose to ask her
while she always seemed so full of grace.

Her smile got even bigger
as she stated her full name,
she went on about her love for dance
and the happiness that it brang.

But then for just a second
her smile turned to a frown
she pointed to her head and said
"I have a lump its getting round.
The Dr says i have 6 months
to live a happy life.
So i choose to spend it greatfully
and i never choose to cry."

By now my tears were falling down
like rain out of heaven.
and my heart was breaking slowly
for his girl barley living.

She had so much courage
and i was jealous of her strength.
She took my hand and told me
that Gods love had no lengths.

I looked upon this girl so brave,
and with words so unique.
She made me realize life's to short
as she sweetly kissed my cheek.

And now i stand here reading this poem
to a crowd so full of grief,
remember that little girl was amazing,
Our little JoyAnna Reece.

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