Dear Brother

June 14, 2009
By silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
silverlunarelf SILVER, Kansas City, Missouri
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Dear brother,
Such a creepy crawler you are,
Lurking from behind,
As you plan my misery with your mischief.
Annoying me without a doubt,
Is surely a hobby of yours.
But I warn you now to run and hide,
Because my revenge is coming,
With a vengeance to make you scream in freight.
Worry not so much,
Its only a small price to pay,
For all the headaches you’ve given me.
Perhaps a clash of pink or maybe some make-up,
Will cheer you up.
With a quick click and flash of my camera,
You would have paid your dues.
From your older loving sister,
With no glare.

The author's comments:
My youngest brother is always annoying, so usually I take my revenge with make-up. This poem is for him.

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