The Goodbye Letter

June 13, 2009
By gabby895 BRONZE, Swedesboro, New Jersey
gabby895 BRONZE, Swedesboro, New Jersey
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Why is it that all I can think of is you
But you never give me want I need
I feel like you ignore me
All I would like is for you to give me your hand
Or your mind so that you can look me in the eyes
And show me what life is all about
All I want is for you to understand how I feel
I feel like I need you to love me
Not just me but ME the way I know who I am
I love you more than you can think of
More than I could possibly handle
Sometimes with you in mind
I can never let you go
The way I see you look at others
And I see that you may not love me the way that you have told me
But I know that I love you still no matter what the circumstance
I feel like there is to much of a difference now between us
And I think that we need to live our own lives now
I love you so much and I will never forget you
And that is why I have written this for you but not just for you but to you
I love with all my heart and I that will never change
I feel like our lives together should never change
But then again I think we should
No matter happens between us we will always be friends
I love you and goodbye forever
I will see in my dreams and thoughts
And always in my heart

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