A Cynic Brought to Shame

June 13, 2009
By Peyton Cacioppo BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Peyton Cacioppo BRONZE, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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If there was ever such a thing as heaven on earth
that must have been it
eyes of ice
warmed by those of forest greens
and sunny yellow

For even as I
An angel
looking down upon those two young children
I had never seen something so divine
something as pure
something as…
as innocently perfect
As the way their eyes first met

Just like Juliet and her Romeo
a first glace from end to end of
a crowded room
But this would not be a tale of such woe
as that of Juliet and her Romeo

This would be
A legend that
Like so many others
was never told
Never to be ever spoken of
Because this
was only to last a night
Because there is no such thing as
love at first sight

However as I watched my girl
as her guardian
day after day
stare at the sky
because she knew that
wherever on earth he was
It would always be that same
expanse of blue

And those dream filled nights
that brought such sweet
pseudo relief from her
chronic condition which mere mortals call
He was there too...
Always giving her that smile
That as only I knew
She thought could have
put even an arc angel to shame

Her infatuation with this
dream of how this boy
might be was infuriating
to me
To watch her heave in sobs
Over something that was just not
to be
There was no “but it could be”
There was no “but it might”
Because there is no such thing as love at first sight

I watched her actions
Listened to her conversations
And though I was always the one in her head
He was always the one in the front

My girl is a stubborn one
Hard headed as you could say
And oh…
Oh…did she wait for that day
And it came
For once that mule like quality of hers
did pay

And just as I had before
I’ve watched her
And I’ve listened to their conversations
And I have never seen her smile
that way
I have never heard her laugh that way
And him
I’d seen that his eyes
were like ice for a reason
And even though there is no such thing as love at first sight
Ice has never seemed so warm

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