Pitch Black

June 13, 2009
By Kymberlynn SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
Kymberlynn SILVER, Tucson, Arizona
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That picture I lived for —
No longer alive.
What I thought of as I pushed through each day—
Now gone.
The speck of light in a black cloud of dust—
And now I stand alone,
Blinded by the darkness,
Wondering if this life is really worth anything anymore.
But I know
If I just wait,
If I hold on just a little bit longer,
I’ll find the answer,
And then I will know.
But if I don’t,
Then I never will.
And I don’t want
To lose everything
That might make
This world
So I guess
I’ll let time push on,
And one day,
Just maybe,
I’ll find

The author's comments:
This is a piece I wrote when I was feeling more depressed, and this was my argument to myself about why life was worth living. Why you really can't give up on yourself, no matter how colorless your world may seem.
I hope this can help other people push through their times of darkness.

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