The Snake

June 13, 2009
By Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
Keegan GOLD, Flushing, Michigan
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A snake shows me,
A cruel set of fangs.
My future feels the same,
My sanity deranged.

Hanging from a tree,
It swings near and far.
A tree barked in hate,
Its roots of scars.

Held firmly in place,
My heart slows its pace.
Vicariously the snake watches,
Me in my disgrace.

Because I have been here,
At this very tree before.
I now recognize my mistake,
And the evil it bore.

Unholy ground attracts,
All of me and I know not,
How to fight the urge,
To return to this spot.
And watch this snake,
Following my every tear,
His blank yellow eyes,
Only escalate my fear.

Slithering down the tree,
The snake hisses slowly.
Mockingly he takes his time,
Crawling the ground below me.

For it has happened before,
The snake will finish me this time.
Wrapping itself around my neck,
Its ok though, I don’t mind.

I feel it coming,
A black mist of scales.
Choking the life out me,
All efforts to resist fail.

Squeezing my throat,
Bleeding my pride,
My body topples to the floor,
Never again to rise.

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