Writing Again MAG

By Lindsay K., San Marino, CA

Writing again - navigating again
through a harrowing maze of
ceaseless steel structures and pillars,
their smell of freshly printed black ink
calls tauntingly, their names seared into
the recesses of your mind: thesis,
Times New Roman, topic sentence and
on and on until you make yourself stop
like a dieter slamming the fridge door.
There is a vast overwhelming whiteness
towering over you as you quiver and cower.
The whiteness wants to be filled and you
have to fill it but can’t. You Can’t.
Thousands upon thousands
of words and phrases lie around you, in a
massive mountain of jumble, the sharp
edges of k’s and l’s outlined in the bleak
whiteness. The m’s and n’s tossed on top
of each other so you can’t tell the difference.
Your brain can’t sort them, it’s stuck
between neutral and first, stalled
eternally. Tensed with anxiety
your muscles begin to panic, and
a sense of urgency shouts:
“I have to write something!
It’s due tomorrow,
It’s Due!”

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i love this so much!


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