If Home Is Where The Heart Is...

June 12, 2009
ive run out of things to think
words to type
on my black and white keys.
my inspiration has run dry;
like the tears in my eyes.
the laughter in the background
not including me.
left out, as always.
my dreams fade
to something i will never achieve.
being home, being alone.
nothing feels right
nothing is the same.
fake friends fighting to come back
best friends fighting for love
me fighting for anything;
anything to make me smile.
just the boy can
but only when we are together
not apart, then things get left unsaid.
wishing to be back
back where it all made sense
where my challenges were met.
to the place that scared me at first
but then became my safe zone
full of amazing friends.
they say home is where the heart is.
and if that true then i havent been home
since i left my college friends.

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