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June 12, 2009
By Sue5623 BRONZE, Deltona, Florida
Sue5623 BRONZE, Deltona, Florida
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When I let you in I didn’t imagine
this would happen. I didn’t imagine these bruises would turn into brutal cuts...
the slashes burn with every waling move. With every step
you take, you pour acid
making me ache in writhing pain...not being able to
patch myself if a band aid could cover
your steps. as if they could
disappear with a wave of a wand
and magical words. although trying
wouldn’t hurt for I would give everything
I posses to be free of you in my thoughts,
heart and life. when I let the gargantuan
steel doors open to let you in I never thought
I’d regret that day because I didn’t want anything but
you because you made me feel the need to get
up in the morning, the need to breathe
and were more than my night
and shining armor, more than a silver platter,
you were my life, you were the key to my heart,
the key to my main power finally had
access to everything but for you it didn’t seem to
be enough you wanted more you wanted something I
Couldn’t provide. Our foundation was like a plant...
with your brightness fading and my water source
unowned...and us sucking all the air up around each
other as if it was a war of life as if we weren't us
and you were I and I were left.
you left with my heart, key and dignity...but you
forgot the most valuable thing, you forgot, you

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