June 12, 2009
By Bonnie H-C BRONZE, San Rafael, California
Bonnie H-C BRONZE, San Rafael, California
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the pen hits the piece of paper
drowning out her screams
tears flood my words
she's awakened from her dreams
the sharp tip stabs into my heart
she's so young
my memories so clear
her cries pierce every part of my body
i remembered when his footsteps came near
she whimpers my name, choked by her biggest fear
i reach out
and nothings there
i wake up
realizing i wrote
save me in dark ink
over and over
the little girl is looking back at me
in the mirror
i swing
and it shatters
into pieces i cannot put back together
all those years i will never get to relive
i press my knuckles to my cheek
and let the blood drip slowly
onto those words
that became so familiar
yet so strange

The author's comments:
just something that i can relate to.

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