Absence Of Memory

June 12, 2009
By *Nik* GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
*Nik* GOLD, Kennesaw, Georgia
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I think a thought I wish had been lost
When you decided to go.
I feel a pain deep inside
How deep? I cannot know.
I love you
Was what I was thinking
But with the absence of memory
I find myself sinking.
Deeper in your horde of hate
Wishing you'd appreciate
The efforts I made so we could last
But you lost your love for me too fast.
We were meant to be.
What a pretty lie I tell myself
To make me wake up everyday
And face this living hell.
Now that I have the absence of memory
I'll remake my history.
No handsome fairytale guy
Just the plain old ugly girl
With her cliche, "I'm sorry" goodbye.
No tender kisses
And whispering romantics
Just me, myself and I
Adding you made us tragic.
But with the absence of memory
I'll forget there was ever a "you and me"
All that's left are dreamless thoughts
Of what was supposed to be.

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