Humamatic Error

June 12, 2009
By niranjan khan BRONZE, Brampton, Other
niranjan khan BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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the path taken by the
Humamatic race.
has lead them to an eternity of

though beautiful sceneries were created by their hands
the destruction that followed were as they command

they’re too consumed by Materialistic Benz
they didn’t realize, they were Tiffany Twisted till
the End.

they have the power to change their society
yet they sit around, self-absorb with their own entity
incapable of making little compromise
they blindly walk to their own

but if they had a chance to change the course of time
would they take it up? knowing what they will have to leave

The author's comments:
to full understand this poem one must understand a few terms used in this poem:

“Humamatic” is referenced within this poem, it refers to the cross breed between human beings and machinery.Though humans have the ability to think for themselves, over the years they have become like robots. Preprogrammed machinery that performs tasks according to its predetermined logics.
When reference is made to “disgrace” it gives the understanding that over the years the term human has degraded so much so that in modern society the meaning has changed to the ability to do what is told
“Benz” is a term used when divers reaches too deep into the ocean, pressure crushes them alive. so when “Materialistic Benz” is a play on words insinuating that humans are too consumed by wealth to appreciate the sentimental valves that life has to offer.

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