Trust ???

June 12, 2009
does anyone know what trust means??
I say promise,u say okay
but maybe promise and trust doesn't mean the same
for everyone

I did somethin wrong
I understand tht
Maybe i was wrong to trust you

i wish you Would just tell me
i think i know but
i guess...
It takes two to tango

Thanks to you and a whole lot
of other people
I cant trust anyone again

So we're not friends
You can diss me all you want
But i expected for our trust
To still continue

But MY BAD!!
im sorry
not for trusting you
But for what i said

So Trust...HAH
guess it dont exist
But its not all your fault
i'm to blame too

But in my world
I wish i could trust people
But its my fault
Maybe i'm just stupid, dumb, naive
But fine, Don't be my friend

Just at least
I can be trustworthy

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