Now You Know

June 12, 2009
Do you know how it feels?
Well now you do
Is reality new for you?
You didn't think ahead
So you killed in the now
But you ask the same question
How is this happening to me how?
You feel alone don't you
You feel like no one cares
You feel the world is a against you
You feel like no one cares
You ask me for your friendship
I gave it to you before
But now you have to realize
What you've done is real hardcore
You're getting what you've done to me
And to so many others too
You try to act like you don't know
When you know it's really true
You ask me for my shoulder
But you can't cry on it now
We all see your act is over
So go on and take a bow
You feel like no one likes you
And trust me I've felt it too
The worst part is that I've felt it
Oh yes, I felt it from you
You ask for me in your time of need
But where were you for me?
That's right, you let me fall
Without a care at all
You left, unforgotten but never seen
For you, I won't be there to lean
You lied and spoke
My heart you broke
And you think I'll still be there?
Your circles half done
You need to go on
I have
I had to
This is your problem now
Not mine
You want another fact?
This is what happens when you stab a back
You never thought i would be you
But now you feel what I do
Because of you
You were NEVER my friend
Because friends don't do
What you do
You can't hide forever
Now you're exposed
Isn't it sad how your friends became foes?
You act like you don't know what you did
But you very well do
No one else can fix your problem
Only you
You've caused so much pain
There is no one left to heal
You did this
No one else
My life was bad because of you
But how ridiculous are the things you expect me to do
Crazy isn't it how you still think i care
The truth is no one does
You didn't care about me
So I've lost my compassion for you
Just this time
I don't want to find it.

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