I was born an angel

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A-angel-I was born a angel.

B-bath-I bathed in the pond of souls.

C-counting I counted as empty bodies came through the gates.

D-death- I watched innocently as my personality was created.

E-eclipse- shadow’s covered my eyes as life went by.

F-failure-I failed to climb to the top of heavens gates.

G-gifts-I sat down to open god’s gift of life.

H-history-I learned the history of light and dark, good and evil.

I-image- I witness the image of helpers, maids, and creators.

J-job- I had the job of walking, and talking through life.

K-kangaroo-I was locked down and jumped about like a kangaroo, moving as far as nowhere.

L-lion-I cried out as a lion was trapped inside me.

M-mouth- my mouth filled with slime as rainbows, made its way inside.

N-no man’s land- big machines went both at the other end of no man’s land, while I was pushed in my cage down the side.

O-orange- I was able to peel the orange of the roof or my domain on a night before stress.

P- positive-realized that the fight I was watching could not possible be good so I walked away from because its not positive energy.

Q- quiz- sitting in class I could not begin to pay attention to the fact that the quiz in front of me would determine my life.

R-resurrection- splash! Blood flows…. then my hands goes, and then my scream slows. My hand was gashed open and the threading of darkness sowed my hand together, and then it was resurrected.

S-sane- I saw it play over and over in my dreams in my nightmares, in my head, bang! Then the screams, then the cries, now is grandma gone, no it’s a dream. My mind was not sane.

T-throttle- as I took the rough skin firmly in my hand, my heart was pounding full throttle, as I accomplished my goal.

U-ultimatum- at this point in life I had my final ultimatum. And that was being late or being gone, I chose to be late, and ended up be hide parental bars and restrictions.

V-vacancy- I had a reserved vacancy for a higher learning chance, but lost it do to putting life on the bench.

W-waken- if not awaken by the ring of safety, my life could have ended.

X-xmas- I was surprised with bright lights, ribbons, boxes, and strange colors, when I was classified as a coalminer.

Y-yolk- trouble was all I got in when I increased the amount of yolk on the police’s car.

Z-zeal- till this day I still have the zeal of happiness, life, and freedom.

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