June 12, 2009

The ground is soft.
The greenery is all over the place.
You can feel warmth and fresh air,
Teams of different countries come in ground.
Pakistan starts to bat,
India started to bowl.
Players begin a game.
The player swings the ball.
Goes leading my vision,
Before getting caught by wicket keeper.

The player hit the ball.
I breathe fresh smell of ball,
And feel the players coverage.
Game becomes a great challenge.
Players run like having sportsman spirit,
Try to catch the ball, before ball lands on the ground.
The movement of the ball stops,
Because of the magnetic pull of ground.

The play becomes fast, fearful and interesting.
Batsman run from one corner to another like Bats creates echo on the mountain.
Batsman make sound like Bats are finding obstacles .
I become mad to catch the ball.
Audience started clapping,

And gave me hope to catch
Ball comes down like earth is making magnetic pull.
The ball comes in contact and player gets out.
India wins and Pakistan losses.
India team get medal and congratulations from everyone.
Winning teams enjoy and went home.

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