The World of Reality

June 12, 2009
By Anonymous

There’s a new world out there,
Several of Fight years away.
Everyone and everything, even the brightest
Stars praise it and say, that it is the Unforeseen Utopia.

You come in the new world in a hope for a better life.
You get filled with happiness on just a one sight,
You touch and see the latest inventions,
Which won’t be available in your world for number of generations.

Now, you have been delighted
With the imagination of the new world.
You can even picture your life on the Unforeseen World.
Just by looking from the Heights,
You visualize and say that there is no other place like this
In the whole Milky Way.

Next day, you step outside in the Real world and
Tears start to fell off your eyes,
Like a water dripping off a loosen pipe.
You notice all the Colours which can be seen on a rainy day.
You say it’s impossible because it’s the first Utopian World
You have ever seen.

You are happy and satisfied but the First Occupants are surprised.
You can see and feel the humanism,
You want to cry but can’t because
You decided to come here in the first place.

The Situation reminds you of racism, discrimination and
Sarcasm in your world.
But the only difference is that this time the tragedy
Happened with you in a totally new land.

You quietly sit in the corner of a dark silent room,
But the light of the new world is still attracting you.
You wish for some peace to sooth you.
You can feel the pain not only in your heart
But everywhere, almost like a physical pain.

You are laughing at those who are eager to come,
Everyone knows the reality but no one’s willing to tell.
You say to yourself that there is no place without Realism,
You won’t believe me until the day you will Date it.
And on that day you will write a poem describing
The Reality you faced at every possible Place.

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