There Is a God

June 12, 2009
By Amitoj D BRONZE, Brampton, Other
Amitoj D BRONZE, Brampton, Other
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My Mind Trapped with my thoughts
Let go of words there are a lot
I must speak of the only truth without a fear
Out loud so loud only that I can hear

Time by time I will go
Have to conquer to control
If the thoughts are to begin
I shall start over once again

I’ll use the word of Wahe-Guru1
To take my soul guide me through
In my mind I will only have a word
That will fly me to the heavens like a bird

With no thoughts I have set myself free
To go anywhere that I please
When I reach I’ll hear the greatest sound
Which in my mind that I have found

Feeling brighter than the Sun
Like a winner I have won
The elements of life that God gave to share
All caring for each other, the fire, wind and air

When I make it all the way
There are no words that I could say
It is real it cannot be fraud
That in front of me there is a God

The author's comments:
1Wahe- Guru- Religious Word in Sikhism. Wahe- means praise; Guru- means to bring light and knowledge to an area of darkness

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