I Dislike Math

June 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Once again i take my seat in room 217
To embark on a journey already seen

I sit there and look up at Jesus Christ
Only to realize i have taken this course twice

But that’s not the problem at hand
So let me tell you the story of how it all began

As i take my seat i ask myself how long it has been
Looking at the complicated equations that I have never seen

The more I think of the problem
Makes it even harder to solve 'em

My teacher with his breathe so bad
Makes my day ever so sad

I could have enjoyed my summer
If I could have been somewhat less dumber

I studied like a maniac
Thinking i could become a brainiac

But yet I still failed
When I could have just bailed

The author's comments:
I came up with this by personal experiences which i faced in my grade 11 math course and now i am going to summer school because i failed the course.

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