June 12, 2009
By Leah Goebel BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
Leah Goebel BRONZE, Burnaby, Other
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Whispers and shouts cram into one ear,
Empty words fall out the other.
Somewhere in the middle
The words lose their meaning.
It is strangled out of them until
they become unrecognizable.
So empty words fall onto my shoulder
And cascade down my back,
Useless and lifeless.
What is in a word?
What's behind the sound?
Nothing but the whooshing sound
Of the ocean breeze
That washes over my grounded body.
It's the nothingness, no
The defeaning silence
That follows the clear peal of a bell.
It's the hush filled with anticipation
As a life-long story unfolds...

When i tell you that i love you,
Really you'll never know or be able
To grasp the depth of my adoration.
We have created so many words
To explain this feeling,
Which is more like every type of happiness
That you have ever experienced
Squished into one smile, touch, embrace
Rather than a feeling.
Despite the hundreds of words, i cannot describe.
The only way i can show
You my heart's whispers
Is through that beatiful silence
That paints the atmosphere
With understanding and painful emotion.
Look into my eyes, for my words are useless,
They have failed me once more.

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