June 11, 2009
By Eva Neligh SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
Eva Neligh SILVER, Lakewood, Colorado
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Life, love, a simple flair,
which floats atop a breezy air
Through stormy days, dreary a night,
Hope is the flit of light.

To summer days, parched and hot,
To fall bliss many sought.
Blossoms of the sweetest wine
To drink greatly past the vine.

And when time comes for winter,
There's not but a splinter;
And we let all seasons pass
With love and joy filled in our glass.

Past the moments when one's down;
There is only hope to be found.
And if loneliness steps in your way,
You must step aside and move to gay.

For if we miss,
There's always bliss,
And if there's a fright,
We look for the light,
And if we're on the go,
We always have the know
We're never alone.

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