Hesitation MAG

By Rebecca E., Williamsburg, VA

“Dare to dream” my summer love said
as I shoved his lips into
the darkest corner of my heart and
he stood laughing
so randomly like a drunken
mad man and I screamed
I was proud
I was doing exactly what I said I’d do
In this situation
His fingertips reached out gliding across
My face
He kissed my eyelids briefly
Softly, sweetly like a
Butterfly and turned them
Into stars and he placed them in the sky
And I wonder how can
The sweetest guy be thinking
The sourest things?
I scraped his heart with my nails
And gasped and whined and moaned
Telling him to
And there he was being a “gentleman”
So unlike what I’d imagined
In this
And I was not proud
For how could I know that this was not him?
The one I was waiting, searching, “saving” it for
Time ticks by and what if it is him
And there is no tomorrow?
“dare to dream” my summer fling said
and I simply rolled my eyes

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i love this so much!


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