A Dance of Vertigo

June 11, 2009
By Markirox SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
Markirox SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
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The puppet master pulls on every string.
Making them dance dance dance His crazy dance.
Their happiness he takes; nothing else to bring.
Left. Right. Here. There. Leaving nothing up to chance.
He takes them back and forth ruling the dance
Making them dance around their poles
Taking from them everything they could ever own
Each marionette pushed in its own role
Never letting lives take on their own tone

Stings are pulled, the puppets are escaping,
Causing mayhem, destroying the workshop.
Speechless, the puppet master is gaping.
Reaching for it all, battling to the top.
Willing them, pleading to make the madness stop.
And slowly it ends, giving up and in
The puppets have relinquished their claim to sin
Their hopes crushed, ideals rapidly put down
Sorrow creeping in as they gather fallen kin
Never again shall there be another revolt for Him to drown

Another Era of Change comes to end
The endless dance continues, vertigo
Strings reattached leaving little room to bend
Refusing to care just let it be so
Leaving the aches in their hearts with nowhere to go
The need for change entirely forsaken
Until the need is by some injustice reawaken
For now the strings He shall continue to own
A new era to come, A new day to rise
Let is be so that He may lose the throne
Their freedom shall be the prize

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